Beltz & Gelberg Weinheim 1985

Shinjusha Tokyo, 1990

Paradise Galore

J.M. Dent & Sons London 1985

Walter the pig, Ali the camel, Ding Dong the donkey and Matilda the mouse found the answer to their quest for paradise a long time ago.

They have launched their balloon once more to look for a new publisher.

Major Books

This wide-ranging analysis offers meaning rather than minutiae.
A fabulous portrait of working class life of the period - widely praised and reviewed.
The sequel to the No. 1 bestselling The Road to Nab End
"One of the most sensitive and moving books of the war, both authentic and poetic" A.L.Rowse, Times Literary Supplement
A wonderful, strongly autobiographical war novel: engaging, evocative and grippingly readable.
A whimsical quest for a Happy Land.

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