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The world premiere of the stage adaptation by Philip Goulding took place at Oldham Coliseum Theatre on June 17th 2010.

Videos by Adonis Anthony

The Road to Nab End Tour

The remarkable tale of a poverty-stricken Blackburn childhood which caught the imagination of people throughout the world is now brought to life in this unique tour.
Set around the Blackburn streets and landmarks of William Woodruff's global best seller 'The Road to Nab End' this guided coach trip - hosted by celebrated historian and storyteller Simon Entwistle - chronicles 1920s Blackburn, its characters, the great events of the time and the cotton industry in a tale of human triumph against the odds.
Using Woodruffs own words, the tour revisits the hardship and joys of growing up in Blackburn's weaving community during the great depression.  The monuments and memories are full of spirit, humour and a little sadness.  Above all, The Road to Nab End Tour is a step back in time to the sights, sounds and characters of an extraordinary Northern childhood.

The first Nab End tour